MentorMyBizness Financing Strategies

Financing Strategies

Financing Strategies

Here are the top reasons business owners do not get the financing they need:

  • Inability to construct/articulate the business case for financing
  • Lack of understanding of how lenders make decisions and how the process works
  • Not clear about how much is needed and what for
  • Inadequate historical financial records

MentorMyBizness Financing Strategies has helped business entrepreneurs overcome these barriers and secure the financing they need to operate and grow their businesses.

Earl Boyd, the founder of MentorMyBizness, launched a loan fund and is a consultant to others and understands what it takes to get lenders/investors to say yes. You will:

  • Build a business case for your financing that reflects your knowledge of the business, where it is going, and what it needs, which provides lenders/investors confidence in you and the business
  • Know how lenders/investors make decisions, positioning you to make your request and get approval
  • Know how much money you really need, preventing you from requesting too little or too much
  • Be able to present a historical financial picture of your business that answers what lenders/investors must know to approve your request

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