MentorMyBizness NeXt Level Growth Planning

NeXt Level Growth Planning


Identifying Growth Opportunities

Business owners are perplexed by the challenge to find growth opportunities for their businesses. The truth is that sustained business growth is hard.

MentorMyBizness NeXt Level Growth Planning provides you insight into where the real opportunities exist to grow your business reliably and repeatedly. The difference is the NeXt Level Growth Planning process:

  • Goal Definition – To grow, you must determine where you want to go. Step 1 brings clarity to your goals and objectives and sets the stage for the strategy that aligns with them.
  • Select Impact Opportunities – Is it a shiny object or opportunity that really impacts top-line sales and bottom-line profits? Which growth drivers will get my business where you want it to be? Step 2 vets your potential opportunities and finds the growth drivers that deliver results. Whether it is customer acquisition, customer retention, market acceleration, or a combination of drivers, you will find the best opportunity for achieving your goals.

In addition, you will know your resource needs including how much money and your strategy for getting it.

  • Execute Growth Plan – Saying you want to grow is one thing, doing it is another. Step 3 focuses you on executing your growth plan. You will assign tasks and responsibilities and hold team members/contractors accountable, and define/monitor metrics to stay on top of your progress.
  • Growth Mindset – You, must lead the growth effort. Thinking and functioning as an owner of a growing business impact your results. All through the NeXt Level Growth Planning process, you build the “growth mindset that successful entrepreneurs embrace and live.

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