MentorMyBizness Approach

Our Approach

Build a Business to Last

Our approach to coaching is designed to take your business to the next level and build it into what you want it to be. It starts with ensuring your business is fundamentally sound:

Sales and Marketing

  • Clear definition of your customer and audiences that are ready to buy from you
  • Messaging that distinguishes your business in the market and connects with your audience
  • Optimizing sales/distribution channels that provide customers easy access to your products and services
  • Customer retention strategy that facilitates customer repeats, upsells, product trials, etc.
  • Marketing and advertising that’s measurable, efficient, and data-driven


  • Operational systems that promote efficiency and productivity
  • Planning as a standard approach to managing the business
  • Operational capacity aligned with growth strategy and pace
  • Equipment/tools/technology appropriate that enhance your ability to serve your customers
  • Staff with talent and skills the business requires

Financial Management

  • You understand how money works in your business
  • Pricing, cost of goods/services, profit margins, cash flow that allows your business to operate effectively and profitably
  • A financial reporting system that provides timely information, promoting sound business decisions
  • Disciplined recordkeeping and adherence

Create a Growth Strategy that Wins

  • We help you achieve growth, not wish for growth. You will implement a plan that guides you from conceiving opportunities to achieving results from opportunities. You will implement a process that:
  • Separates real opportunities from “shiny objects”. Opportunities that align with your business’s strengths and advantages
  • Vets potential growth opportunities and results in sound business decisions
  • Gives you confidence in your ability to execute your growth plan
  • Increases your knowledge of accessing and securing resources (i.e., money, relationships, etc.) required for growth
  • Helps you adopt a “growth mindset”

Captain Your Ship

  • Some say leaders are born. Maybe so, maybe not. Either way, under MentorMyBizness Coaching, you will be a better leader, better decision-maker. You will come away:
  • Knowing what questions to ask that lead to answers you need to know
  • Having your team members coalescing around the best ideas for the business
  • Institutionalizing your company mission, vision, and values

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