Jeffery Searcy

Jeffery Searcy

Founder & CEO

Jeffery has capitalized on his unique ability to invent products that solve unique problems in an innovative and cost-effective way.



Beauty and Personal Care Tools and Styling Products

S. Enterprise Group, Inc decided to hire & has been working with Mr. Earl Boyd since January 2021. It was the best decision we ever made! We’re a small business that’s created products for the Barbering/Beauty Industry. We were doing well yet we didn’t know the ins and out of our company. With his guidance, professional knowledge, wisdom & understanding, Mr. Boyd helped put the business in a more professional order. He started us from the beginning with the basics and now we’re knowing and understanding our numbers, how to run a business effectively, how to grow our business!

Jeffrey Searcy

Founder and CEO, S Enterprises Group, Inc.

S Enterprises Group, Inc.

S. Enterprise Group, Inc. is an innovative product development & natural hair care company that creates extraordinary hair and personal care styling tools & all-natural products which are used in barbershops, salons and homes.

About Jeffery Searcy, Founder and CEO

Finding a need, and coming up with a solution is the mantra of Founder and CEO Jeffery Searcy of S Enterprises Group, Inc.

Earl gave us LOTS of great homework that helped us score our 1st major business loan of $100k!! His professionalism, caring heart, and great listening ear will help ANY business owner get things together! We love the fact that he doesn’t DO things for you however, he reverses the questions to make you think & look at things in a way you never thought before. He also challenges you to be better and encourages you too not be the same! He’s a very humble & patient man with an anointing for business! He’s been a great blessing and we’re proud to call him friend. We truly recommend hiring The Prime Group for all of your business consulting needs! 

Strategy, Goals and Results


S Enterprises had enjoyed modest success with its line of styling tools, however, the company was not positioned to grow. The lack of a growth plan and the absence of a solid foundation for growth i.e., financial fundamentals (appropriate profit margins, cash flow projections, historical reports, etc.) operational systems, staff capacity, defined roles and responsibilities
sales & marketing fundamentals i.e. value proposition, customer personas, messaging

The biggest handicap on the business was its inability to access financial resources, not due to its creditworthiness or past sales, but it lacked the ability to present a business case that would secure a loan or investment.

The Solution

Jeffery knew he needed help, he just was not sure what he needed. The approach we took focused on these issues:

  • Solidifying the foundation of the business by making it fundamentally sound (sales and marketing; operations; and financial management
  • Developing a business plan/plan of action for 2021
  • Developing historical and financial projections that reflected plans
    Creating a business case for financing

The coaching sessions identified the problem areas, explained why they were problems, and provided instruction on how to fix them. In between sessions, the S Enterprise team would address the issues; we reviewed the approach; tweaked it if necessary; then proceed to the next issue.

Short-term Goals:

  • Strengthen the business foundation
  • Ensure the business is financially sound
  • Secure financing for growth


Long-term Goals:

  • Implement a growth plan.


The Final Results

The company secured six-figure financing in two days.

  • Complete overhaul of the financial management system which provides timely information and promotes sound decision making
  • Implementing the first phase of the growth plan